Tomasz Pasula (b. 1984) Szczecin, Poland, freelance photographer.

Lawyer by education… photographer by choice…traveler by accident.

Mainly in my documentary work as a photographer I try to focus on ordinary everyday life which passes us from day to day, unnoticed, having no chance to enroll in history. However sometimes exactly this simple reality that comes and goes forever in the gray commonness of life, this people passing us on the street, one look, smile or motion, this “invisible” flouted daily, can be the most beautiful thing we saw in our lives.

In my previous work as a photographer I documented  life of the shepherds in the cursed mountains of Albania, destroyed streets of Pristina in Kosovo, residents of Turkey and Iran border, culture of holy Sadhu and the ritual of cremation in India, daily lives of people in Thailand, Cambodia, Cuba, India, Egypt and many more. Along with a growing commercial client list my work has been shown in galleries and published in magazines.

Select Clients include:

Magazyn Poznaj Świat, Outdoor and Travel Wear, Starbucks, AmRest, SwedeCenter,, Allegra, Unitral Hotel, OIRP Szczecin, Vap Store, Kollana Fashion, Beliani, Avandeo, Party Deco, S-line Studio

For bookings or inquiries:

Tomasz Pasula +48 792152084 / /

Specially selected, limited prints of my work are available in my print shop in menu section.